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Charles "Charlie" Campbell is an American voice actor, ADR director and recording engineer for ADV Films/Sentai Studios, Crunchyroll, and Okatron 5000.

His voice-over credits include:

  • Gran Torino in My Hero Academia
  • Ultraman Ace in Ultraman Z
  • Fujitora / Issho in One Piece
  • Minotaurus, Pell, and Vewon in Dragon Ball Super
  • North Supreme Kai in Dragon Ball Kai
  • Old Man Owl in Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie (1999)
  • Hakurou in That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
  • Gharnef in Fire Emblem (1997)
  • Sun Wukong in High School DxD HERO
  • Wakaba Mine in Fairy Tail
  • Lupin in Soul Eater


A fun fact about Charlie is he was employed as ADV Films' first in-house ADR audio engineer where he sat behind the mixing board through many ADV classics, including Neon Genesis EvangelionBlue SeedBattle AngelGolden Boy, and even the live-action giant monster classic Gamera: Guardian of the Universe!

He made his directorial and writing debut in 2000's Lost Universe. His other directing credits include English dubs of the 2004 Korean live-action hit No Blood, No Tears, Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, One Piece, Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple, Rurouni Kenshin: New Kyoto Arc, and the Gatchaman OVA.