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Mark Acheson is a Canadian voice, film, and television actor.

His voice-over roles include:

  • Lord Tirek in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
  • Unicron in Transformers: Armada and Transformers: Energon
  • Fisto / Chadaz in  He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
  • Sabretooth in Hulk Vs
  • Tawalaya / Touta in .hack//Roots 

His live-action roles include:

  • Mailroom Guy in Elf
  • Mr. Tripoli in Fargo
  • Hansel / Tooth Fairy in Supernatural
  • Magistrate Wilkins in Smallville
  • Slam Guard in The Chronicles of Riddick

A fun fact about Mark is he is a founding member of Janus Theatre and appeared on stage for eight years including a full season at the Arts Club as well as The NewPlay Center, Carousel Theatre, Western Canada Theatre in Kamloops, Sunshine Theatre in Kelowna, The Belfry in Victoria and StageWest in Edmonton.